about the thick plot

The book is set into motion with a quick succession of causal events — coincidences, accidents, fallout, repercussions. Actors intersect at different points of the book, now and then revealing their missions and more of their character. The plot emerges, thickens, and disintegrates, inevitably ending in the dissolution of the world. How did it come to this? Who is to blame? (And who set up the telescopes looking for the vanished universe?)

Determining the drift of the story are chance encounters of dubious characters, who digress into disparate directions of this multiverse. They meet, affect one another, lose track, and meet again as if by coincidence. Every character is on a quest, determined, and self-guided, yet every one of them gets sidetracked, falling prey to accidental events. A central player is Dada Cogwheel, an elusive character of many genders, former Alchemyst, recent Hollywood movie scholar, who assumes different appearances and is in control of all things airborne. As Dada crosses paths with other characters, we learn more about her. Feared by most creatures, Dada, true to her past as an Alchemyst, still craves gold. Other characters in the book include two Canadian explorers, who are on a mission to heal bones and search for rocks in far places, especially the uranium-rich pitchblende. On the first page, they crash land in an unknown place and slowly make their way back to Canada, arriving at the Athabasca Basin at the end of the book as the world is also coming to an end in a nuclear explosion caused by everything and everyone colliding and one thing leading to another.

The book is about making meaning in a meaningless world. It’s about clichés. It’s about determination in the face of randomness. Chance is at the core of this book. From the making of the book all the way to meaning making. Found images are allowed to meet on the same page, engendering a story, which in turns gives rise to other found and drawn images. Much of it is dictated by associations and aesthetic decisions with a surprising effect of meaning. Meaning is always created. Out of nothing. After this plot thickens too much, it returns to nothing. Only meaning remains.