about closed cases

The text used on these latex sheets is of testimonies, confessions, letters, interview statements, hearings, and depositions by doctors reporting on human medical experiments they were actively involved in. The experiments mentioned here involve questionable consent by those who “volunteer” as research subjects. The cases range from World War II radiation experiments, to pharmaceutical drug testing in the 21st century. Whether corporate clinical trials or government experiments, whether motivated by economic gain, scientific progress, ideology or national defense, the unwitting, non-consenting subjects typically belong to groups of lesser power and authority than those of the medical researchers. Many clinical trials are conducted in low-income nations. If testing is done on home turf in the US, often in testing centers outsourced by pharma companies, the human subjects are low-income or people in desperate need of money, such as undocumented immigrants or homeless people. In other instances, test subjects might be unconscious or severely sick patients in hospitals. In all cases, advantage is taken of the subjects’ plight.